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Maybe besides a car, there's really no device that every one of us uses so regularly and still knows so little about. Sadly, there are a lot of supposed clock repair professionals who fall into the same category. At Quick Fix however, clock repair is second nature. With over 40 years experience, we're confident that if you bring your broken clock in,  we can get the gears grinding again.

• Clock cleaning and servicing

• Desk clocks

• Grandfather clocks

• Wall clocks

• Spring / gear replacement and repair

• Mechanical clocks only

Your clock is broken but it doesn't have to be dead. Let us bring it back to life.

To put it simply, the clocks have a lot of moving parts. We encourage you to take a look inside sometime if you want to learn more about a mechanical wonder of the world, but you probably shouldn't try to fix one yourself.

We can fix clocks of all types.

What can we do?

A clock can be complicated

Maybe we shouldn't say it, but when you bring your clock in for a repair, you're putting it in the hands of people who know more than you and are taking your money to do the job; not the best combination. With over 40 years of experience and countless happy customers all around Southern California to back us up though, we're proud to promise an honest and fair deal, every time.

Honesty is so important in clock repair

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