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Like almost nothing else, you really don't know what you're missing until your glasses are broken and unwearable. Hopefully you have a spare pair and hopefully you'll be able to drive to work tomorrow. Don't worry though, while you're trying to piece your life together without eye sight, we'll repair your glasses so that you can get back to clarity in no time.

We can repair:

• Bent or broken arms

• Frame soldering

• Lens reinsertion

• Fast turnaround

• 40 years experience

Breaking glasses is a pain, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world.

When you've been repairing eye glasses for 40 years, you can say without hesitation that you've seen some things. The truth is, no matter what you did, we've probably seen something worse. So bring those glasses to Quick Fix and we'll get your repairs underway immediately.

Get your broken glasses to us and we'll get your vision back.

What did you do?

Your glasses are fixable

Like all of the other service we offer, our eye glass repair department is all about working around difficult problems to get things right. You probably don't have the patience or the tiny screw driver set necessary  to fix your glasses. We do though and believe it or not, getting them fixed is fun for us.

Just another part of our commitment to crafstmanship

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