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Jewelry, like most things, is only truly beautiful when it looks its best and functions flawlessly. Unlike most things however, working on jewelry takes a keen eye and a whole lot experience. The same is true for everything we do at Quick Fix and whether it's pin point engraving, eye glass repair, clock repair, or jewelry restoration, we've been doing it in Southern California for over 40 years.

  • Watch repair

  • Custom engraving

  • Eye glass repair

  • Clock repair

  • 40 years in business

  • Quick turnaround

Wouldn't you love if your grandfather's beautiful, old watch actually told time?

There are plenty of people out there who'd love to tell you that they can fix your precious possessions, whatever they may be. Those people aren't us though and they won't attack your job with the same experience and commitment to getting things right that we will.

We can repair almost any piece of jewelry that you might have

We do more than jewelry

Don't trust just anyone

No matter how beautiful or historic your jewelry may be, it just won't mean as much if it doesn't work. We understand that better than anyone and we pride ourselves on an ability to make your jewelry more beautiful by making it more functional.

We'll do our best to unite form and functionality

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